WB8NSL's New Ham Shack

project started 1/31/04

(WB8NSL) - Help! Preparations are underway to move the shack.  This maze of wires and conglomeration of technology will no doubt entangle me forever if I don't approach this beast with trepidation.  The elusive duck is talking single sideband on the microphone.   Har!  Thought that would quack you up!  Stay tuned....Sincerely, Charlie D.  (Ed. Note - Charlie RARELY uses voice modes on HF)







First Electronic Workshop Project - This shot shows the old MFJ keyer in recovery from surgery.  That keyer BTW was the first commercial product marketed by MFJ Company.  It surely has been in service for a few years.


Charlie managed to obtain a new to him computer desk from his son and daughter-in-law, so, that saved us having to shop for one and put it together!  Charlie also had already run coax for antennas, installed the antenna switch, and ran the new phone line to the shack.  So, the big job for Monday was to pick up the necessary sundries to hook up everything and do the actual hook up.  We finished at about 1AM Tuesday!


In addition to Chuck's finalizing new operating station, we did manage to visit a few of the local hams as well!  We were very pleased that Ham Hock paid a visit to the new shack and gave his approval to the new shack!  Also, Chuck plans to open a new Electronic Museum in the near future.  Pictured below are a few of the items to be included in the new museum!


The curtains are RED and there is a RED shaded light in the corner of the room - giving it a taste of a bordello!  Chuck has plans to continue working on his new radio room to include a sitting area for visitors....to visit!  This new area is spacious compared to his former shack and Chuck is looking forward using to his newly claimed space in the comfort of his new office chair!  The PC is a new-to-him Gateway machine.  On the shelves to the right you can see a small TV monitor for the Vic-20 computer used for back-up copying of Morse Code, antenna rotor control, SWR bridge, antenna tuner, a rarely used microphone, Bencher key paddle, MFJ keyer, ClearSpeech Base and Kenwood TS-440S transceiver.  Over Chuck's left shoulder you can see through the door the refrigerator and cabinet that replaced the space where the old shack used to be.


A sign adorns the wall beside the computer/radio desk.  This is just a taste of the humor that surrounds Chuck, WB8NSL! - see below!

Congratulations Chuck!