New Vice-Presidential Antenna


On 11/1/16 Charlie - NN3V sent out the following information and photos.


Dear fellow IOOK VP.

It is with pleasure I bring you good news from Poway.

As you know, several years ago yours truly helped enlighten the Poway leaders to the importance of ham radio, and led them to approve a new antenna ordinance for erections in Poway.

I am now pleased to tell you that W6EVO (Dave) who at the Yuma hamfest last year was assimilated in the IOOK Brotherhood  is taking advantage of the new ordinance.

Dave is installing a new tubular crank up tower at his QTH and plans to festoon it with a FB 3 Element SteppIr yagi.

Dave discovered a hardly used SteppIr for sale at a local ham’s QTH. The price was simply too good to pass up. So last Saturday we spent the morning disassembling the antenna and transported it to his QTH.

The attached photos show the loading of the SteppIr components on Dave’s truck for transport.



Dave’s tower concrete foundation is curing. Over the next couple of weeks the SteppIr elements (all the fiberglass tubes) will be recoated with fresh epoxy and the antenna should be erected in about one month.

We can look forward to having Dave join the IOOK HF nets shortly.

Don't Believe What You Think.





On 11/17/16 Charlie sent out the following information and photos...

The Poway IOOK VPs continue preparations for installation of W6EVO’s tower and SteppIr antenna.

Attached is picture of the Steppir elements waiting for refurbishment.


Concrete foundation, curing.


Tower pedestal installed, waiting for tower erection.



On 11/28/16 Charlie sent along these photos...


The tower was placed on 2 dollies and ham labor proceeded to roll the tower toward the intended erection location.


The tower is rolling toward the place where the concrete foundation is located.


The tower has been rolled into a position where it is a few inches from final position.


The tower party crew is preparing to lift the end of the tower about 6 inches so it fits into the pedestal and can be pinned into the base.


The tower party crew is raising the tower into the pedestal and pinning it.



The video shows the manual erection of the tower.  The voice comments are the random patter of the moment, with a reference to a fellow by the name of "Jason Martin" who was the biggest obstacle in Poway finally enacting a ham antenna friendly ordinance.  The city's opposition was overcome through a politically astute campaign led by IOOK Vice-president NN3V, director of the
IOOK Technology Center formerly headquartered at Hara arena, and now moving to the XENIA county fairgrounds in Dayton Ohio.


Here is a short Video of the first crank up from Charlie NN3V


The tower party is admiring the final result since this is a picture of the tower pedestal and tower foot in the pedestal. The tower erection achieved climax!


Poway is very critical of towers that affect the "aesthetic beauty" of the surroundings.  These are photos of the tower from the edge of W6EVO's property.  If you an spot the tower, you have falcon eyes!



Many thanks to Charlie - NN3V for sharing these photos!


Dave - W6EVO shared these photos today...11/30/16


MA-550 Mast 11/26/16




Drain tube...


The tower passed final inspection today.  Next step is to get the conduit from the shack (it is hidden from the inspection) unearthed and terminated in a box at the base of the tower.   Then, restore and checkout of the rotator and stepper.  Thanks for posting Charlie’s pics.

And here is a link:


David Haessig



Thanks to Dave for sharing these photos...