Nelsonville, Ohio Hamfest



On Saturday, the 17th, Dave, N8DRM and I left for Nelsonville for their annual hamfest.  Even though the weather was uncertain, we lucked out and traveled in a cold rain on the way down.   We stayed in a small, but very nice motel in Logan, Ohio.  After checking out where the hamfest was to be and deciding on our breakfast plans we ate dinner at a nice Mexican Restaurant and turned in early.  It was still raining this morning when we headed towards the hamfest but shortly after we had set up our tables we noticed that it had switched to snow.  That didn't last long and those attending the hamfest did not mention any slippery conditions.  This is the 8th Annual Hamfest for the local Ham Radio club.  The hamfest was well attended, for a small indoor hamfest and Dave and I both sold well!  You will note in one of the pictures below, that I took home one tub and one box empty that were full upon our arrival at the hamfest!  We were very pleased with our sales!  Dave and I both agreed that if all goes well we will go back next year.

In the new toy department, Dave picked up some accessories for an Icom HT that he plans to purchase at a later date and an Alinco 2 meter mobile rig, which he sold before we left the hamfest at a profit!  I picked a nice 6 foot long outlet strip with 15 outlets for a future workbench I plan to build in the garage addition.

We were a bit disappointed in the fact that none of the hams we know showed up at the hamfest.  We had hoped that at least a couple of our West Virginia friends might show up since we were only a little over an hour's drive from their home.  :-(

As always, a good time was had!

The next hamfest on our calendar is the Mansfield, Ohio Hamfest on February 8th, 2004

Respectfully submitted, Keith, WA8ZWJ.