N8KXM's New Pole Barn

page started 4/12/17


Lou - N8KXM's new pole barn has gotten started!

Lou sent along these photos and comments...



Well it's finally happening!  The barn building has started.

The crew arrived about 10am and started to work, and as you can see it was a perfect day for being outside.

The first shot is some of the materials they brought and trusses for the roof.

The stack on the left of the trailer is for our barn the other side if for another job...


The second shot is drilling the 16 post holes.  They go down about 6 feet and then there is about 4 - 6 inches of concrete in the bottom of each hole.

That will have to set up for a day or two and be inspected before they can put the poles in them. 

They were finished here for the day around noon and will be back Wednesday or Thursday to set the poles.


The next shot needs no explanation.

What do you do when you have a machine to make holes in the ground on site?

You ask them to make a 3 x 3 x 3 hole next to the house! 

Makes short work of this chore.  Can you guess what goes here? Har Dee Har Har

Still had to shovel 3 wheel barrows of dirt from the hole, but no hard digging!  Yippee!

Next square the hole up, set the tower base section and fill the hole with concrete when the floor is poured.


That's all for today more to follow.




HI Y'all,

Here is the latest pictures on the progress of the barn.

The crew arrived bright and early Wednesday morning (4/12/17) and started placing the poles in the holes.

By bright and early I mean before 7am!


After putting the poles in the ground in about an hour the had the poles plumb and vertical.


After the getting the poles braced the roof trusses were lifted into place.


As the sun sets on a 12 hour day.

The work crew was beat. I offered them a cold drink and they refused but did have a Coke.

I would say the earned their pay.


While the guys were busy with the barn I was busy working on my on project of getting the tower base ready for concrete



Today (4/14/17) the concrete crew arrived and went about preparations for the slab.

The surface was leveled and vapor barrier put down now we have to wait for another inspection.  Hopefully that will be Monday and we can get concrete poured the same day.


Further updates to follow.

73, Lou



Monday (4/17) the Building Inspector stopped by and gave the thumbs up to pour concrete.

We were hoping it was going to be Tuesday, but Mother Nature had other plans.

We received 1.35" of rain so nothing happened.

Wednesday (4/19) the concrete guys arrived and soon after the first truck.


The barn is going to be tall enough to put an RV in but I didn't know I was making it big enough to put a Cement Truck into it!


When the truck was in position the concrete was unloaded.  The driver never leaves the cab.  He can control the speed of the concrete coming out as well as move the chute right, left, up and down.


One of the tools they use to level the concrete is a power screed. 

Its a gas engine that vibrates the screed to level it out.

This replaces the old method of a long 2 x 4 and back braking labor.


Once the concrete was poured and screed it was time for more power tools - 

A gas powered  trowel!


After a few hours the floor was smooth as a babies butt and shiny too!


While the guys were busy with the floor I was working on the concrete for the tower base.

I don't have any shots of me and one of the guys that must have felt sorry for me 

and helped wheel barrow concrete to the hole,

They couldn't drive the truck over there because of the septic system.

 Here is the finished base.


As was suggested by John N5AAA.

Before the concrete was poured I installed some pipes and conduit.

This is for future electric supply to the barn.


I also put in two pipes for water and a sink drain.

 The pipe on the left is for the drain and the one on the right is to allow a water line to come in side.

I plan to use Pex Tubing for the water line and can be pushed around bends.



The concrete guy returned this morning (4/20) and put relief cuts in the concrete.

The thinking behind that is if the concrete happens to crack the crack will follow the cut.

The roof and siding are going on today as well.  More in the next update.



Here is the latest on the barn build.

Thursday (4/20) morning the crew arrived bright and very early 6:30 am!

Needless to say, with the bedroom being in the back of the house overlooking the barn, sleeping in was futile. 

 After discussing the plan for the day the guys got right to work.

They started with insulating the roof.

The insulation is a foil over a foam core, and comes in big rolls.


Once the insulation was on next came the roof panels.

The guy standing on the roof is wearing special shoes that allowed him to walk and stand on the slick metal without sliding off.

He would, from time to time, sit down and slide down the roof to install the screws to secure the roof.


When both sides of the roof were done it was time for the siding.

The siding panels were 16 ft long by 3 ft wide.

It was good that there was little to no wind today. 

The metal is rather stiff because of the ribs, but still can be kinked real easy.

It reminded me of the roof of a truck or van.

It still took 3 guys to handle the metal.


One side done 3 to go.


This is how it looks another long day for the guys about 12 1/2 hrs on the job.

There was only one "Oh Oh!" moment when the guy cutting the panels realized he had cut into one panel that was laying on top of another that had stuck together.

Not bad only one panel cut wrong out of many cuts made on a total of 30 panels.

They had to order another panel and will return next week to install that and finish up with the trim.


Here is the front. 

Both doors are 14 ft tall. The door on left is 10 ft wide. 

The door on the right is 12 ft wide

The doors should be installed next week.


Here is an interior shot.  You can see where the oops panel goes in the back left.

The crew called that area "Brandon's" corner after the guy who cut one wrong.

He took grief all afternoon for that.

The inside looks huge at times and other times I'm worried its going to be too small.

I guess I will find out when I start putting stuff in it.


More to follow as it happens.

73, Lou


Howdy, The barn is complete!

Monday (4/24) around noon we were surprised by the garage door installer showing up!

They weren't expected to arrive until Wednesday. 

The rain (4 to 5 inches in the region) has caused them to have some scheduled jobs delayed and ours was ready.

Here are the parts and doors ready to be installed.


The first door to be installed was the 12x14 door.


The installation of the doors doesn't take too long.

The time consuming part is getting everything lined up and square.

The big door is almost in.


Soon the installer was working on the smaller 10x14 door.

This door goes together the same as the other door.


The installer finished up just before 7pm.  Not to bad for ONE guy.

Here are the finished doors.

He has to come back to install the outer seals and the top panel in the small door that was damaged when one of the coil lift springs got away from him and dented it.

No injury that's a good thing!


While the door installer was here, the Building Inspector showed up and approved the job and we can start using it!

He noticed the conduits coming up from the floors and mentioned that I have to get an electrical inspection if I wire the building.

I told him I would be sure to do that. wink wink...

While the actual construction is complete there is still a lot to be done.

I have to get water and electricity run from the house and get the wiring done.

I also need to get the driveway graded and back fill the gap in front of the doors.

Gutters installed.  Etc., Etc.

73, Lou - N8KXM


Many thanks for sharing the progress on the pole barn!

As with all things, one thing at a time!

Good luck with the finishing up of the project!

73, Keith - WA8ZWJ