The wI0OK/r Repeater System

near Honor, Michigan - located on Little Platte Lake



Cottage 442.85 repeater in test bench phase 1 - The UHF Mitrek is modified for repeater operation (running 15 watts) while the VHF Mitrek (running 25 watts) is being used as a link into the Empire based UHF wI0OK/r repeater system.  This provides a low profile machine making it possible for local users to use an HT and still get into the primary wI0OK/r system and EchoLink.  A CAT-200B is being used as the controller for the system and Motorola pass/reject cavities are being used for separation.  The two transmitters then share a dual band antenna through a duplexer.


Cottage 442.85 repeater test phase II  w/ 144.92 remote base rig



Cottage 442.850 repeater and link on shelf in a more permanent position off the test bench.

Phase III configuration - another wI0OK/r repeater "On The Air"


A special thanks to John, KF8KK for all his assistance modifying and tuning the Mitrek's!

Also, thanks to Glenn, W8AK for his assistance and cavity tuning as well!