N8KXM's New Ham Radio Shack

page started 1/23/04

Lou has decided to update his radio room.  He probably got the idea after seeing what Tom, WA5KUB did in his new abode!  Lou has decided to make this a multi staged upgrade.

Lou's plan is to create a "U" shaped desk area to enable him to spread out a bit more than the existing desks provide him space to do at this time.  We shall see how the project progresses.



Well, the master plan has had a change mid stream it would seem.  The temporary shack reminded Lou so much of his former shack upstairs at his former residence that he has decided to make the temporary shack permanent!  After thinking about it, he liked having the space to spread out, plus the big screen TV and stereo are in the same room, so, it will certainly be an entertainment area for him.   So, when Lou gets on the air Sunday, it will be from his new permanent shack after all!  Below left is a view of the shack Lou has decided to model from 2001.  Below right, Lou tacks up a couple of pieces of coax to keep them out of the way in the basement.  Step 3...kinda....




Below left - Radio Equipment  - Top Shelf :  Autek CW Keyer,  PK-232,  Rotor Control, Dual Band ICOM HT  Desk Top:  MN2700 Drake Tuner,  Heathkit  HA-14 Amplifier, Kenwood TS-690  Mounted under shelf: 440 & 2 meter mobile radios  Below Right - Sandi giving her enthusiastic approval!

Way to go Lou!