HamCom 2018

posted 6/26/18

Stan - N5JFQ has shared some shots from HamCom 2018.

Stan also included some comments for each photo.

Hey Keith, well Iím about 2 weeks behind, but here are the IOOK pics from HamCom.

HamCom 2018 was moved back to Plano, TX, after many complaints about the convention center in Irving, TX.


Look who I run into first, Joe - WA5FLT and newly assimilated Darell - WA3OPY. Interesting that ICM shirts are the same color as IOOK shirts.


Well hereís Joe and I. Note that I havenít even made it inside to purchase my ticket.


Young River and Chas - AI0OK.  Guess whoís photo is on the front of Riverís t-shirt.

The answer to the question about the photo on Riverís t-shirt is ukulele player ďTiny Tim"


More Texas IOOKíers Ron - AA5RT and Wil - WB5YFX.


Since weíre back in Plano, lunch is back at Poor Richardís Cafe.  Note that Liz found front door parking for her bright green Jeep.


Hereís the IOOK crew just being served lunch.  Joe is hidden from view, but his better half, Cathy, is there.  

Yes, Stan is displaying a plate full of chicken fried steak with gravy.


Stan and Wil.  Wil has just received the new IOOK official mug from Chas after leaving the restaurant.


Cathy and Joe with a new IOOK mug on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.


If one stands on the sidewalk of a busy restaurant too long while holding a cup (mug), it wonít be long before someone drops a coin or two in it.


Thatís it Keith, 10 pics total.  It appears I sent pic 4 twice.  Although I mentioned Liz and her Jeep, she didnít make it this year.  Mike Salem and Jim Shideler didnít make it either.  Next is Ham Holiday here in OKC, in late July. 



Many thanks to Stan for sharing these shots with the IOOK!