Ham Com 2017

Posted 6/19/17

Stan - N5JFQ has sent along some photos and comments from this year's Ham Com in Texas!

Here's what Stan has for us!


Joe Garland and I drove down Ham Com which is now being held in Irving, TX. 

And immediately we run into River and Chas.  Note how River has grown another foot or so.

River - KF9WBL and Chas - AI0OK


And of course we had to get Joe Garland in the group pic, too.

River, Chas and Joe - WA5FLT


This time I joined the group pic.  On a side note you may have noticed my name tag and Joe's name tag are turned around to be blank. More on that later.

River, Stan - N5JFQ and Chas


And now we find Ron.

Joe and Ron - AA5RT


We found Will sitting down taking a break so Ron grabbed a chair and joined him.

Wil - WB5YFX and Ron


It wasn't long before Chas opened up the box of IOOK coffee mugs.  And of course young River was forced to pose with one.


Interestingly the vendor MTC was allowed to bring inside their new sales trailer.


Dan Schroeder - K5FVL made it, too.


Stan, Darell - WA3OPY and Joe.  Of course Darell has lots of free time now since International Crystal has closed.  

Also, now take note of the name badges for Stan and Joe.


Observations from the latest HamVention in Xenia and Ham Com in Irving:

Neither one are now held in their original city.  

Ham Com is all inside, air conditioned and no mud. 

HamVention has free parking but in the mud. 

Ham Com has only one "convention" style food service, the other had numerous food trucks and better choices. 

Ham Com had fewer commercial vendors and HamVention had so many vendors they had to add tents. 

Ham Com didn't have 1 hour traffic delays, but HamVention had over 20,000 participants. 

Ham Com pre-prints name badges if you purchase tickets in advance. 

Therefore, if a person cancels, Joe and Stan get to go in their place and wear the name badges backwards. 

(Editor's note - Stan's said he was Micheal - N5MS and Joe's said he was Jim - W5JCS)

73, Stan



It was nice to see Wil wearing an IOOK shirt even if Stan's was the right color!