HamCation 2018

posted 2/28/18


A number of IOOK Vice Presidents attended the HamCation this year.

Here are some photos that Bob - N0BIX submitted to photo document the event.

He has also sent along a few comments for each photo.


Sunset on the way to Orlando...


Hotel lobby in Murfreesboro, TN...


Florida welcome center...


Florida welcome center...


Jean taking a photo at the welcome center...


Welcoming dolphin


Sign at the fairgrounds


Thursday 2/8 (day before hamfest opens)


John and Chick's motor coaches


Lou and Skip's 5th wheels


Lou saying "Hello"


John, Sandi (who didn't want her picture taken) and Lou in their rig


Jan and John's welcoming mat


Jean, Jan and John in their rig


John, Bob and Chick in the rig


Jan, Jean and Jan Pratt on the way to potluck


View of the lake at the fairgrounds


The potluck in progress


Sandi, Lou, Skip and Jan enjoying the food


Bob, Debby and Chick chowing down


Debby, Chick, John and Jan pausing for a photo


Sandi, Lou, Skip, Jan and Jean eating


Sandi feeding "pigeon"


Birds circling their nest


Since the hamfest isn't open, the guys go to an electronic parts store


Jan, Debby and Jean enjoying good conversation


Everyone was playing with their smartphones when I started to take this photo, but Debby knew what I was doing


The following are from Saturday, 2/10.  No photos from the first day of the hamfest were taken since Jean and I spent the day at Epcot.

Epcot photos will be at the end of this web page.


Debby, Jan, Jean and John starting out for the hamfest


Lou joins the group


Jan Debby and Jean see what they came for


Jan and Jean getting a closer look


They were good - touching but no buying


Max (who flew in from Memphis), Jean, Miriam, Jan, Dan and John having a midday rest


Dan, John, Bob and Lew


Lew, Joe (Lew's son) and Lou


Lew, Sandi, Chick, Debby, Lou and Joe


Chick, Debby, Lou and Joe


Time for a Jan and Jean picture


Jean models the $3.00 hat she got at a nearby flea market


John at the real flea market


Lou tried to figure out Joe's electronic puzzle


We are headed to the Waterfront for dinner


The line-up in front of the Waterfront: Max, Lew, Miriam, Bob, Jean, Jan, John, Debby and Chick

(Lou and Sandi are already inside - guess they couldn't wait)


Here is the waterfront


John, Jan, Sandi, Lou and Jean at our end of the table


Debby, Chick, Lew, Miriam, Max and Joe at their end of the table


Another view of the last


John, Jan, Sandi and Lou


Max, Joe, John, Jan and Sandi


Jan, Sandi, Lou, Jean, Bob and Debby


Sunday, 2/11 - last day of the hamfest

Lou, John and Bob on their way to the hamfest


Bob actually bought something


Chick getting ready for tomorrow's departure


Lou, John, Bob and Chick hanging out


Time for a John and Jan photo


Another one of John and Jan (Looks to me like John is impersonating KBob)


Chick, Lou John and Skip with Skip reporting that his Jan won't be joining us for dinner as she is down with the flu


Skip, John and Lou getting ready for dinner


Lou, tonight's griller


Our last meal together - Skip, Bob, Chick, Debby, Lou, Sandi, Jean, John and Jan


John and Jan - Now what was so funny?


Monday, 2/12

Bob and Jean start their trip back north with a side trip to the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse just south of St. Augustine


Jean and sign


Bob and sign


Tallest lighthouse in Florida


Bob ready to go up


Looking up


The Fresnel lens reflected in a mirror


A view to the northeast


The view to the east


Looking south (Editor's note - that is a Goodyear Blimp)


Down to the west


Down to the southwest


Looking down


Bob realizing it was harder going up than down


Some older Fresnel lenses that were used


Jean at the Mexican restaurant we ate at our last night out


Bob and Jean really enjoyed their trip


Road sign for Valentine's Day


Bob and Jean spent Friday, 2/9, the first day of the hamfest, at Epcot since that was forecast to be the best weather day

Entering Disney World


Entering Epcot


A distant view of Spaceship Earth


Outside the Seas with Nemo and Friends exhibit


Entrance to The Land building - we saw Soarin' which was great


Inside The Land dome


Bob getting up high to take the next photo


Spaceship Earth


The monorail at Epcot


Bob was warned that he would not be allowed to return to our group of friends without a photo of him in Mickey ears


Interesting flowers at Epcot


Jean taking a picture of a flower butterfly


Said butterfly


Colorful begonias at Epcot


Bob at one of many fountains at Epcot


Another fountain - is an upside-down waterfall a waterrise?


A view across the lake at "Italy" on the left and "America" on the right


Another view, this one showing "Italy" and "Germany"


And here is "St. Mark's Square"


Looking up at a "German" village


Armored figures on display


A fireworks barge entering the lake


A visit to "China"


A more encompassing view of "China"


Looking back to Spaceship Earth from "China"


Now a visit to "Norway"


"Norway" where grass grows on roofs


More "Norway"


An interaction closeup


A very nice view across the lake with "Mexico" on the right


A mariachi band outside the Mexican restaurant where we ate


Jean had to get a selfie inside the restaurant


Many thanks to Bob - N0BIX for sharing his collection of photos and providing the comments for each one!

It looks like the gang had a good time.

It would have been nice to have had a few more photos of the hamfest.

Photo contributors:  Bob, Jean, Chick, John and Jan