Green County Hamfest 2017

posted 4/8/17

The Green County Hamfest occurred on April 8, 2017

Stan N5JFQ has shared these shots and comments with the IOOK!


Stan says "Hey Keith, a few pics from earlier today at Green Country 2017:"

(Editor's note - Yes, Stan says it's Green Country not Green County!  My mistake!)


Hey, look who's back on the hamfest circuit, Jim Shideler - W5JCS.  Along with my wife Liz.


Joe - WA5FLT and Stan - N5JFQ


Jim - W5JCS and his friend Tad - KC5DPT from Stillwater.


Joe Garland - WA5FLT accidentally taking a selfie with my camera.


Stan - N5JFQ and Liz


Jim, Darrell, and Joe. Darrell, WA3OPY, will soon be retiring from International Crystal. I'm sure everyone is up to date on that story.


It's lunchtime and we all went to "Billy Sims Barbecue" in Claremore.   

However, Joe strayed from the norm and finished off a large fully loaded spud.


Another group shot at the barbecue joint.


Ok Keith, I sent ya 8 pics, so that should wrap it up. I didn't get a chance to get a pic of Neal - N5KCO, so note that he did make it. 

I need to get Darrell to make a Dayton Hamvention since he will have a lot more free time. He usually organizes a lunch bunch get together every month that Jim and I make.

Jim said he's in cardio rehab now and may return to work soon. Therefore he's planning on Dayton.

I'm almost certain to make it this year, also; but Joe said he will not due to some other family plans. 



(Editor's Note - Joe - WA5FLT has a family reunion to attend HamVention weekend so that is why he can't make it)

A big thank you to Stan for sharing these memories from the hamfest!