Green Country Hamfest 2018

posted 4/23/18


The Hamfest occurred on April 14th, 2018.

Jim - W5JCS has sent in some photos he took at the Green Country Hamfest in Oklahoma.  I asked him about the name and he sent this explanation:


The Hamfest is the "Green Country Hamfest."  The area east of Tulsa is called "green country" because they receive so much more rain water than we do here in the middle of the state.​  You can tell as you drive east of Stillwater you see more trees and west of Stillwater is more open prairie.  Most all the trees in Stillwater have been planted.  In the early days there were only a few trees along creeks.


Here are the photos and what Jim has to say about each of them:


Rogers County Expo Center in Claremore Oklahoma, a short distance northeast of Tulsa.  The County is named after its favorite son, Will Rogers.  This is the largest hamfest in Oklahoma.  It draws people from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and other states.


Joe Eisenberg - K0NEB, pointing to his new IOOK name tag.

Editor's note:  Joe was assimilated into the IOOK during the Yuma Hamfest this year!


Judy - KA5BJS, XYL of Mac - K2GKK; Liz, XYL of Stan - N5JFQ next to her; Jim Shideler - W5JCS; Joseph - WA5FLT and XYL Cathy.


Jean - KC0GB  and Gaylen - WB0W were doing a brisk business at Green Country hamfest.  Their WB0W truck was a common site at the Dayton HamVention in front of Hara Arena for years.  They will be back again this year at Xenia for HamVention with their "Tarheel," antenna booth.  Great people to deal with!


Dan - K5FVL, and Jim - W5JCS have attended Green Country Hamfest for years.


W5JCS looking at his new IC-7610 with Ray - N9JA from Icom.


The Icom IC-7610 was first seen last year at Xenia.


Lunch at a good BBQ place in Claremore.  Seen around the table are; Dan - K5FVL; Jim - W5JCS; Jim - N5OHL; Tom - WA9AFM; Stan - N5JFQ and XYL Liz; Fermer, Neil - N5KCY's friend; Joseph - WA5FLT and his XYL Cathy; Darell - WA3OPY; Rich - WB5YBZ.  Good lunch with great people it was lots of fun and laughs. 


Green Country has great prizes which it is not necessary to be there to win, however, the hourly prizes that were not claimed during the day are given away and it is necessary to be in attendance.  This takes a long time.  Jim W5jCS had his name called for a TYT HT but had departed minutes earlier.

This was a fun hamfest and is one that is looked forward to each year.   Now on to Dayton, (Xenia).


Many thanks to Jim for submitting these photos and comments!  It looks like a great time was had by all!

Respectfully Submitted by Keith - WA8ZWJ