Fort Wayne Hamfest 2017

posted 11/21/17


Here's the hamfest flyer...



Friday, November 17th

Keith - WA8ZWJ and Marian - WD8CJD headed out a bit before lunch time and stopped, as usual, at Farmer Brown's for lunch.


This old photograph shows Farmer Brown's older brother pulling the wagon with his younger brother, his sister and on the far right is Farmer Brown!

Marian plays bridge once a week with a group and Farmer Brown's sister plays there as well!

After a great lunch we headed towards the hotel in Fort Wayne.

The timing was incredible!  While Keith was signing in Bob - N0BIX arrived.  While Bob was signing in Dave - W8TVC arrived.  While Dave was signing in Randy - AB8CO arrived!

After we got settled in our rooms some of the gang met in the lobby to visit some before heading to the hamfest site

Bob - N0BIX and Dave - W8TVC


More visiting...

Marian - WD8CJD, Dave - W8TVC, Keith - WA8ZWJ and Randy - AB8CO

Then the guys headed towards the hamfest.

Keith is driving towards the hamfest site..


As we were waiting in line to get inside we hooked up with Glenn - W8AK and Audrey - KC8DTM.

We were able to drive the van to very close to our tables so we could off load the stuff to be sold.  Sadly, no photos were taken of those activities.

Then it was time for our set up group photo.  Bob has the camera on the tripod!


Here is the set up gang!

Glenn - W8AK, Audrey - KC8DTM, Bob - N0BIX, Flat KBob, Dave - W8TVC, Keith - WA8ZWJ and Randy - AB8CO

Our table is under the white sheet and Glenn and Audrey's is under the blue tarp.

Glenn and Audrey were meeting up with friends and staying in a motel near the coliseum.

When we got back to our hotel it was time for some more visiting before dinner.

Dave - W8TVC, Marian - WD8CJD, Keith - WA8ZWJ and Jean


Here's Bob - N0BIX taking the above photo...


Randy and Marilyn were not joining the group for dinner this evening because they had plans to meet Randy's cousin for dinner and visiting!

And then they headed out the door...


Before too long it was time to head to dinner...

Dave, Marian, Jean and Keith


Bob taking the above photo...


We walked across the parking lot and went to the Tavern at Coventry right next door to our hotel!  This is our preferred local restaurant!


Some nice lady volunteered to take a photo of our group while we waited to be seated.

Dave, Keith, Marian, Jean and Bob


Dave and Keith splurged a bit and had a beer!  Cheers!


Our waitress took this shot!

We had a dandy dinner and great visit and all managed to get all fed up!

We visited some more after dinner but, apparently, no photos were taken.


Saturday, November 18th


Early breakfast was at 7AM!

Keith, Randy and Dave


Bob taking the above photo...


After the early breakfast Keith and Randy headed to the coliseum to set up our tables for sales.

About the time we got set up Dave - K7DRM arrived!  Glenn and Audrey's table is to the right of ours.


While we were waiting in line Friday to get inside we found out that Gary - WB9DIA would not be able to make it to the hamfest and we were told to use his tables which are always right behind ours!

Here's Randy behind Gary's tables with our stuff on them as well!  A lot of the items seen here are from Big Al - KB8FJB's downsizing!


Bob has arrived after second breakfast!


Dave has also arrived after second breakfast!  Bob caught Keith taking a snap shot of Dave which is below.



After a while Bob went up on the balcony and called on the radio for the gang to wave at him for a photo!

It is kind of hard to see but our group is in the middle just to the left and below the ARRL banner.


Here's a close up of the gang waving!


It was raining heavily outside so it was nice to have a such good attendance!

Here's a panorama shot that Bob took!


Here's a close up of Bob on the balcony!


Randy is watching the store...


Jim - WB8VSU has arrived!


John - W9KD has also arrived!


Here's Randy - KA0AZS


Audrey and Jim are visiting...


Randy is joined by Lynette - KB8CAR on our left and his XYL, Rosie - KN8JOY on our right!


While the guys were having fun at the hamfest the gals were enjoying some time shopping!

Here are Marian and Marilyn at lunch time!


Jean and Marian...


Here are the three shoppers...


Bob and Dave left the hamfest to go to lunch.  Bob must have seen this and identified with it!


After lunch Bob and Dave went back to the hotel.

Bob watched for the girls to return from their shopping spree.

The girls have returned!


After the hamfest closed down around 4PM the guys boxed things up and headed back to the hotel.

Before too long it was time to meet in the lobby for some more visit time before dinner.



Visit time!



Before too long it was time to head back to the Tavern at Coventry for dinner...



Bob took this shot of Marilyn and Jean while we waited to be seated...


It wasn't too long before Gary - WB9DIA and Susan arrived!

We found out that Gary and Susan got married in September and had bought a house about 45 minutes west of Fort Wayne.

Congratulations to Gary and Susan!

The reason Gary did not set up to sell at the hamfest was because his house sold only two weeks after it was listed and he has been spending a lot of time moving things from his old place to their new one!


As you can see, there was no fun being had here!  Har de har!


Dave and Keith...


Marian, Marilyn and Jean...


Marian and Marilyn...


Gary and Susan...


Susan and Randy...


Bob's favorite dessert here is the apple pie ala mode!

We all had a great dinner and visit and managed to get all fed up!  Some of the folks even had leftovers!

Then we went back across the parking lot to our hotel to the lobby for our annual group shot.

Sadly, the rain continued and Keith chose to not get Flat KBob wet so he will not be in the group shot.

They got over 3 inches of rain in Fort Wayne during the day!

Bob is setting up his camera on the tripod.


Gary, Susan and Marian visiting...


Here's the IOOK group shot for 2017!

It is too bad that Flat KBob could not join in the fun!


After the group shot Keith got out his laptop and copied photos for Bob so he can make his DVD of the Fort Wayne Hamfest!


Bob went upstairs and took this shot of the gang visiting while Keith copied photos.

Even though we did not have a lot of foot traffic after noon at the hamfest we did manage to sell a lot of Big Al's stuff!

Wow!  What a great day!


Sunday, November 19th


Early breakfast at 7AM again!



After early breakfast Keith and Randy headed to the coliseum.

Glenn and Audrey were not going to set up today so we got to use their table as well.

Here's Randy with one side of our sales area...


Here's Keith with the other side of our sales area...

As you can see, Sunday attendance was down at the hamfest...

Dave - K7DRM is back with Randy at our main table...


A new thing at the hamfest this year was a morning silent key auction.


Here one of the helpers is describing the next item that will be auctioned off...


The auction continues...


Randy took a "selfie" of himself with Keith and the IOOK banner in the background!

Even though the hamfest did not officially close until 2PM we started packing stuff up around 1PM.

The four tables we used are empty and we have already made one trip to the van to load stuff.  Yes, it took 2 trips!

As you can see there were not many folks there but we did make a number of significant sales to make it worthwhile setting up for the day!

Randy and Keith met Marilyn and Marian in the parking lot around 1:30 PM.

Randy and Marilyn decided to skip lunch and head towards home.

Keith and Marian enjoyed a fantastic "lupper" (lunch and supper) buffet at the Back Forty Junction in Decatur, Indiana!

That's right!  After such a fantastic feast, neither of them wanted any dinner that evening.


Keith left the hamfest stuff in the van.  He will add some stuff to the collection to take to Yuma in February.

When Keith finally got around to checking e-mail Sunday evening he found an interesting e-mail from Tom - W3TOM.

Tom and Debbie had been visiting family in Pittsburgh and they were heading towards Kentucky to meet up with the Kentucky Colonels for their annual Thanksgiving week visit.  It turned out that Dayton was half way along their trip so they decided to make their overnight stop on Monday there.

The reason for the e-mail was to see if Keith and Marian could join them for dinner Monday evening!

So, we made plans for a surprise Mini Gathering!  Yee haw!


Monday, November 20th


After getting home from the gym Keith spent the afternoon working on Fort Wayne Hamfest photos.

Once Tom and Debbie got settled in their camping spot we made plans to meet for dinner!

Surprise Mini Gathering!

We met around 5:30 PM ish at the Mexican restaurant across from the gym where Keith works out 5 days a week!

Debbie - KA3VNF and Tom - W3TOM


Keith - WA8ZWJ and Marian - WD8CJD


What an unexpected pleasure it was to be able to meet up with Tom and Debbie and have dinner with them!

We had a fantastic visit!

We also had superb service and a great meal!

Yes, we did manage to get all fed up as well!  Plus there were some leftovers too!


Many thanks to the guys who helped out with our sales booth at the hamfest!

Many thanks to the photo contributors for this web page!  They are Randy - AB8CO, Bob - N0BIX and Keith - WA8ZWJ!

I am very happy to report that we sold a lot of Big Al - KB8FJB's equipment!

Respectfully submitted,

Keith - WA8ZWJ