Ft. Wayne Hamfest


Howdy y'all!

We had a fantastic time at the Ft. Wayne Hamfest!  It was as much of a "visit" fest as it was a hamfest!  It was fun visiting with those of you in attendance.  We wish we would have had a chance to see more of you guys at the hamfest.  If you didn't make it this year, you really ought to consider adding it to your schedule for next year!

Now, my apologies to Tom, "Mr. Mustang", WD8JPP. Even though I saw you several times and we had a dandy visit, I neglected to get a picture of you.  Shame on me!

As you look through the pictures you will see some familiar faces.  Also, you will see a submersible HT - I guess some of you guys saw this before, but, it was the first time I had seen it.  I thought it was pretty funny that Kurt came clear to Ft. Wayne to purchase Rabbit Ears!


Knowing that John, KF8KK, likes his "Sam Adams", with the assistance of N8DRM, I picked up a "deck" of cards for you!


I had a feeling that in order to make the pictures come out even I might need another shot to fill space, so, I took a picture of the top of my van from the motel window. How many antennas can you find in the picture? Look closely? Winner to be announced in a week or so. You guys that know the van well are exempt from the contest.

I don't know what it is about Cigar Store Indians, but, they really get my attention. These figures are life sized! Pretty neat!

Finally, I am sorry that weather conditions did not permit Dave, WB8WIQ, and Lou, N8KXM, to bore holes in the sky to attend the hamfest today.  However, I am very pleased that since your drove up you were able to go to the "Back Forty Junction" for our annual post hamfest "lupper" (lunch/supper). Umm Umm GOOD!

Respectfully submitted, Keith, WA8ZWJ