Findlay Hamfest 2017

posted 9/10/17


Today was the 75th annual Findlay Hamfest in Findlay, Ohio!


Here's a ticket from the event.


On Saturday the day before the hamfest Marian - WD8CJD and Keith - WA8ZWJ headed our a little before noon to catch lunch on our way to Findlay.

We stopped at the fairgrounds just to check things out and ran into Ken - N8PTT who we see every year.

I don't know who the guy is on the left but he was a funny guy!


We purchased our admission tickets and flea market spaces for Sunday's event at that time.


Then we checked into our hotel.


After spending some quality time in the pool area we headed out and I dropped Marian off at church for Saturday evening Mass.


When I picked her up we headed out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Findlay!


After a great dinner we did some shopping and then went back to the hotel for the evening.

We were up before dawn Sunday morning and got our act together and headed to the fairgrounds.

One of the reasons we wanted to get there early was because the flea market spaces are on a first come first served basis.

We got great spaces in front of the rather new Legacy building which is the main vendor area.

We figured these spaces would afford us good foot traffic near our booth

The sun is not yet up and we are set up and ready to sell!  (this shot is looking south)  It was 46 degrees!

It was still rather damp from the dew so I elected not to put out Flat KBob until it dried off some.


It is 7:30 AM and the sun is coming up!


It was still kind of cool so Marian was doing some crochet in the van.


It is about a quarter till 8 and it had dried off enough that Flat Kbob was on display!

The table to the left is ours as well and it is saving a space for Glenn - W8AK and Audrey - KC8DTM.


The hamfest does not officially open until 8AM so I took a couple of minutes and walked over to the Legacy building where the vendors were setting up.




It is 8:25 and Glenn and Audrey have arrived!


As usual, Joe - KD8GIL is with them!


A short time later Jim - WB8VSU arrived!


Here's George - WD8NHI...


Here's a better shot of Glenn...


Mark - N8ME has also arrived!


Things were still kind of slow in the sales area so I took a walk about while Marian watched the booth.


My dad had one of these when I was a kid!


One of the sales rows looking west.


This is on down our row a bit also looking west.


Here's the area where the prizes are drawn.


Some of the sales area looking north from the prize booth area.


This is looking south from there.


This is the row to the south of our row looking east.  The sun played havoc with this picture.


Here's another row looking north.


I think this guy set up in the parking area close to the flea market area.  There weren't any painted spaces there.  (looking north)


The row to the south of us looking west.


The end of our row with the vendors building behind it.


When I got back to the booth after my walking around, Ron - KD8ENJ was chatting with Audrey.  Ron is the HamVention General Chairman.


Here's a shot of Jim with Flat KBob!


Marian took this shot of Jim and I.  Jim spent a lot of time at our booth and we had a great visit!


The main drawing for prizes was at 1PM.  We got everything loaded shortly after that and headed out to lunch!


Jim, Marian and I enjoyed a fantastic pizza buffet lunch at Stevi B's!

Yes, we all managed to get all fed up!


We had a pretty productive day of sales!  We sold almost $500 worth of stuff and came home with an empty tub!

I will be contacting those of you who sold stuff.  No, the checks are not in the mail yet!  :-)

It warmed up pretty nicely in the afternoon and got up to almost 70!

What a great day!

It is now time for some R&R!

God Bless the folks who were in Harvey's path and those currently in Irma's path!


Respectfully submitted by Keith - WA8ZWJ