Boce Phone Delivered!

posted 11/25/17

Well, it is official!

We now have documented proof that Charlie - NN3V's Boce Phone was delivered!

Let us retrace our steps through some IOOK history to bring you all up to date!

If you go back into IOOK history you will find numerous pictures from the 2011 HamVention.  Here's a link:

Included in those photos look for the photo below of Charlie with the Boce Phone set up for sales.

Sadly the phone did not sell during HamVention.

After HamVention Charlie decided that it would make a nice gift for our esteemed Vice President, Riley - K4ZDH!

We made arrangements with Tom - W3TOM to deliver the Boce Phone to Riley.

Remember now, this was in May of 2011.

We received e-mail confirmation that the Boce Phone had been delivered to Riley.

This was on July 2nd of 2014 a mere 3 plus years later.

Here's Riley's e-mail:

Subject: Confirming receipt of Boomer Cell Phone (BOCE)

            This is to confirm that IOOK member Tom, W3TOM, presented me last week with the above referenced technical device, invented and designed by Charlie, NN3V, AND OFFICIALLY AWARDED TO ME BY LETTER DATED MAY 20, 2011, a mere 3 years ago!!!!!!.

            IOOK's lightning fast roll out of this technology is much appreciated and I will be drafting a formal letter of appreciation.  In fact I did it yesterday, but of course cannot mail it until tomorrow.

            The combination of 5G and Snaggletooth technology makes this device a very valuable addition to the shack and I assure you all that it will be appropriately guarded and taken care of.  I'm hoping to take it to Dayton next year!

            Please post this and the subsequent formal letter, to be mailed tomorrow, on the IOOK website.

            In the meantime, I will be studying the technical data included with this state of the art BOCE.  Right at the outset it is apparent the time and effort that went into the production of this device and the accompanying documentation, and I honestly appreciate it.

            I just wish you c ould have seen the look on the tourist's face at the intersection of Confederate Avenue and Route 116 around noon today when I pulled it out to make a practice call.  My bet is he went to Radio Shack soon afterwards looking for one!!

            Thank you all and 73.


On November 10th, 2017 I received the following e-mail from Riley:

Keith Farley


Director Emeritus IOOK Technology Center

Product Distribution Directorate

Dear Sir Farley:   

In May of 2011 you and Charlie, NN3V, sent me the heretofore referenced (I learnt that phrase in lawyer school) telephone as a gift,  with the requirement that I file a prompt quality control report in triplicate.  Just checking to see if I have the right e mail address because I am now ready to file the report, as soon as the carbon paper comes in at my local Staples store.

Over n Out


On Monday, November 13th of 2017 I sent the following reply:

Hey Riley!

How about a picture of you with the phone so we have actual proof that you have it in your possession?


I am just a photo dude!




On November 14th I received this reply from Riley:

I will make arrangements for  picture as soon as I consult the law offices of Dewey, Screwum and Howe this morning.


On November 22nd, 2017 I sent this note to Riley:

Still waiting on photo please!

Happy Thanksgiving!




Later that day I got this reply from Riley:

Trying to take a flash picture but can't get the powder to ignite. I think it got wet!


On November 23rd (Thanksgiving Day) I sent this reply to Riley:


Have you considered trying using your smart phone?

Have a great day!

73, Keith


Later on Thanksgiving Day I received the following photos and this was in the subject line:

K4zDH makes Thanksgiving calls on the most reliable network with the IOOK BOCE phone




My reply e-mail was as follows:

Hi Riley!

You have made my day!

Many, many thanks sir!

I hope you are having a dandy Thanksgiving!




We finally have some closure to the Boce Phone series of events!

AND, it only took 6 and a half years!

I love it when a plan comes together!


73, Keith


Added 11/26/17 - De NN3V

I am astounded at how quickly the IOOK Corporate Information System retrieved this information.

As you are the intermediary in this trail of email, I ask you to distribute below statement to all IOOK Vice Presidents.


Official News Release

IOOK Technology Center

Hara Arena (perhaps)

Dayton, Ohio

The IOOK Technology Center Product Development Laboratory is pleased to announce that, in preparation for Christmas 2017, the Technology Center will release a software upgrade for the BOCE phone.

The software will permit full interoperability of BOCE with Windows 7, 8, 9, and 10, as well as the Apple iOS, and the Android software.

As the baby boomer generation continues to develop towards a ripe age, this capability will permit owners to remain a breast of important developments in Social Media.

With commercial applications on those baselines quickly approaching full control of remote devices, this will make the BOCE a real hoot to own.


Director Emeritus

IOOK Technology Center.