August, 2016 Mini Gatherings

posted 8/14/16

On Saturday, August 13th two of our IOOK Vice Presidents attended two different hamfests!  Here are some photos from their mini gatherings!


Tom - WN5TL attend a hamfest in Shreveport, La. and had an IOOK mini gathering of one!


Charlie - WB8NSL attended a hamfest in Huntington, WV and also had an IOOK mini gathering of one!

Here's Charlie with the YL reception table gals.


Here's Charlie with the representative of Navy MARS.


Here's Charlie with the fellow EC of Putnam County, WV as he does in Ritchie Co.


Here's Charlie with Mike Haithcoat of DEBCO Electronics, Cincinnati OH, a vendor.


Here's Charlie with Section Manager N8SFO, Phil Groves, West Virginia.


And here is the main room.


How unusual for two IOOK'ers to attend different hamfests and have IOOK mini gatherings of one!

Many thanks to Tom and Charlie for sharing their photos!

Best wishes and 73, Keith