West Virginia Field Day 1989

KE8NK so kindly provided these snap shots of the IOOK Field Day activities that took place in Ritchie County that summer.

In the picture below you can see the A frame that was used as our base of operations.  This A frame was "out in the sticks" where no electric power, city water, or indoor convenience were available.

Above: KE8NK is operating while WD8CJD is checking for dupes!

Below: W8ED is preparing "Skunk Breakfast" on the gas stove.  Yes, there was a gas well on the property so, lighting, refrigeration, heating and cooking were accomplished using gas.

Above: The IOOK gang sees another Field Day to it's end!  Of course, with Fast Eddie being flow manager, you can imagine that we had plenty of beer!  Circling around clockwise from left front personnel are:  WD8CJD, WD8BOT, W8ED, WA8ZWJ, KE8NK, and WB8NSL.  As you can see, the A frame sports "Suits Us" and so it did!