BARF Field Day 2005

Benzie Amateur Radio Friends

Submitted 7/6/05

Planning our Strategy.

BARF - Benzie Amateur Radio Friends met at the Hungry Tummy for breakfast as we do every month on the fourth Saturday.  After breakfast we had a meeting to plan our set up and operating strategies for the weekend.  From there we were off to the Field Day site!


George (KB8YPL) supervising antenna installation along with Terry, the apprentice (no-call, but John's (KF8KK) student so she will have call
soon).  UHF, VHF antenna erection crew: George (KG8ZA), Randy (K8VY), Rory-Benzie County EC, Paul (WB8BPO) and Tom (K8BTE) on top!


Paul (WB8BPO); Rory (Benzie County EC & Randy (K8VY); George (KB8YPL) & Terry, apprentice (no-code); Dave (W8TVC) & Bill (AA4R) with a rope mess!  John (KX8CW); Beverly (K8ZJU) getting ready for Flag ceremony!


More Strategy Meetings & Setup with a little food (like the IOOK, we work best with a full stomach)


(Top 4 pics) More Food....(Is it "Food Day" or "Field Day?"); (3 pics bottom) John (KF8KK) giving Packet demo; (last pic) Great Grandma and Mom misplaced child, Zachary, while signing guest log.


Evening Picnic (pic with John and Tom): Planning strategy for overnight John (KF8KK) and Tom (K8BTE);
(Pic with Bill): Bill (AA4R) operating 40 meters


Bill (AA4R) breaking records in the Emergency Communications Van.



The results are in:  we broke 4 of our records this year.

Total contacts =622 

Total points including bonus =2244

Contacts on 40 meters =353

Contacts on PSK31 =99

The first three items thanks mainly to AA4R, the last thanks to KC8PCQ with a little help from W8TVC.   I will be sending the complete package to the ARRL this week, a copy will be available at the July breakfast for viewing.



B.A.R.F. Field Day 2005

Operators, Loggers, Setter Ups, Taker Downs,

Supervisors, Grill Operators, Food Providers, Shutterbug.

Who took Part in this Years Outing.

Name Call

Mary Davis KC8OOB

Tom Davis KC8OOC

Betty Dell KC8PCQ

Dave Dell W8TVC

John Doneth KX8CW

Gene Hutson N8CG

George Laubach KG8ZA

John Martin KF8KK

Bill Parris AA4R

Paul Rauth KB8BPO

Tom Schoonover K8BTE

George Sinclair KB8YPL

Beverley Stoner K8ZJU

Randall Stortz K8VY

It was very difficult to keep track of hours put in by each participant this year but I think the total for everyone is close we had about 196 Hrs last year.


Management takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the above estimated hours


AA4R, K8BTE, KC8PCQ, W8TVC, K8VY, K8ZJU all put in 20 hours each

KC8PCQ, W8TVC, K8ZJU were overnighters. Their sleep time was not counted in the 20 hours.

Visiting Hams

Clarence Lubahn W8SHJ

Visiting VIP

Rory Heckman EMC Benzie County

James Baltazar President Village of Beulah


Many thanks to Betty, KC8PCQ for providing the snap shots and text for this page!